About Me

Hello! I’m Jessica, a just turned thirty ( which I proudly admit because 30 is the new 20!) mom of 3 and I am married to my best friend and truly better half!  Sprouted Olive Branch is a place for me to share my thoughts, fitness journey, recipes, and other aspects of my life.  I have a love of yoga and sweet things so there will be plenty of postings of mouth watering foods as well as body twisting yoga poses to help keep things balanced!  I believe in a balanced life and to have that I keep my priorities straight by focusing on God and doing everything for His glory.  Thank you for visiting Sprouted Olive Branch.  Subscribe to my email list to get notifications when there is a new post and stay up to date with any special offers just for my email subscribers!  Click the social links on the right side of the page to follow me on my social accounts.



God Bless