Top 10 Yoga Christmas Gifts


Christmas is fast approaching!  If you’re like me you probably still have some shopping to do, I know I’m not alone here.  You’re either reading this post because you are still searching for those last minute gifts (and perhaps you have no idea what to get a person who loves yoga), or you are the yoga lover and you’re just searching the web for some wish list ideas for yourself!  Either way this list is sure to please and it includes gifts ranging in price from under $10 to over $100 so there is something for every budget.  I have a passion for yoga and all the health benefits it has brought me so this list is my top 10 things that any yogi or yogini would love to have, including myself ( hint, hint).

  1. Pranamat 

This little mat is not your ordinary mat.  Each of these little lotus buds has points on it that offer you a “therapeutic massage”.  I believe the best description I read was one that said it is a “modern day bed of nails”.  This offers a sort of acupressure, holistic massage type of pressure that will help relieve pain, increase blood flow and a number of other health benefits!  Check out their website to learn more of the amazing benefits of spending just a few minutes a day on this mat!

2.  Dharma Yoga Wheel

A perfect gift for any yoga lover this wheel will help with balance and increasing flexibility!  There are so many ways to incorporate the use of this wheel into your daily practice. You can use this wheel to help you hold a pose, have proper form in a pose, deepen your stretch, or help you warm up your muscles just to name a few.

3. Liforme Yoga Mat

This yoga mat is a favorite among a lot of yogi’s.  It’s not just the thickness, grip, or eco friendliness of the mat that make this one great but the markers on it help not just the beginner but even the most advance yogi with proper alignment!

4. Recork Yoga Block

Everyone needs props! These blocks are great props to have in any practice.  Use them to help with stretches as well as poses!  I personally love the model of this company that uses recycled wine corks to make their products!

5. Oil Diffuser

We all know there are so many benefits to essential oils!  There are so many oil diffuses out there on the market you really just have to research what type would be best for you.  There are ones that cover a larger room or ones for a smaller room.  Ones that are all plastic or all wood or have a mixture like this one or even glass ones as well; it’s really based on your style preference.  I personally added this one to my wishlist because it is just the right size, I love the shape and the option to have the led light with multiple colors to choose from to help set the mood.

6. Infinity Strap

Again this is another one of those props that everyone should have!  This strap helps with alignment as well as flexibility.  Seriously everyone needs one of these! Check out their site for more about how this strap can help in your practice!

7. Yogi Surprise



The gift that keeps on giving.  These little boxes are a monthly subscription box.  Choose from the lifestyle box which will include 6-8 full size yoga lifestyle items or the jewelry box which includes 2 handmade pieces of jewelry and 1 organic treat, handcrafted in Bali and fair trade!  These boxes are truly the best gift for any yoga lover! Click the affiliate link here to sign up to get your monthly subscription and use code YOGILOVE to receive a 15% off for life discount!

8. Yoga Clothing

Everyone needs comfortable clothing that they can move around in when they practice.  These leggings are so stylish they can go right from the studio to the street!  I love the look of these two which are from Alo Yoga.  There are so many great yoga clothing companies out there here are just a few more : Albion Fit,  Onzie, Montiel, GTS 

9. Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp

I love my salt lamp!  Not only does it cleanse and purify the air but it lets off this amazing glow!  There are so many wonderful benefits of using a pink Himalayan salt lamp, check out this article for 10 reasons you need to have this in your home!

10. Air Plants

Ok… these things are just the coolest aren’t they?  These would make a great gift for anyone!  If you peruse Pinterest at all I am sure you have seen these in glass as well as just hanging in beautiful geometric shapes.  These make a great addition to any space in your home or in a studio!  There should always be something living and something green.  It sets a mood and especially in the middle of winter here where nothing is green and living these are a great mood lifter when there are these cute little plants just hanging around!


Happy shopping and Happy Holidays!

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